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Yep, he's our son, and if you're reading this page, you've probably met him. He was born 17 March, 1996 weighing 7 lbs 5 oz and 21 inches long.

These pages are primarily meant for you grandparents, but they are also a neat way to keep a record of Corwin's progress through his life.

Pictures from 2012

Pictures from 2011

Pictures from 2010

Pictures from 2009

Pictures from 2008

Pictures from 2007

Pictures from 2006

Pictures from 2005

Pictures from 2004

Pictures from 1996 - 2003

Glen's Link Page

Cartoon Network
Wizkids Pirates
4 Kids TV
Hot Wheels
Game Sloth
Runescape The massive online adventure game by Jagex Ltd
Your source for Runescape tips since 2001
How Stuff Works
People to People International

A Tale of Two Cities Report from Paris/London People to People trip (Warning: 3MB)

MazeBot Explanation A Lego Mindstorms maze running robot (Warning: 50MB)
MazeBot Success A Lego Mindstorms maze running robot (Warning 5MB)

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