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Model Rockets
RC Planes
Molar Pregancies
Dallas Semiconductor
Electronic Design/Tech News


Schlock Mercenary Sci-Fi mercenaries. A good laugh
Irregular Webcomic Wrongly named Lego based amusements
Leftover Soup
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Sluggy Freelance A disturbed but funny comic
Girl Genius
Grrl Power
Star Power
League Of Super Redundent Heroes
Our SuperMom
Evil Inc.
The Illustrated Guide to Law
Oglaf: NSFW
Wandering Ones Post apocolipse drama

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for hire
Treading Ground
What Birds Know
Out There
Planet of Hats: A Star Trek Recap
Indefensible Positions
Casey & Andy

Indifferently Evil
Errant Story Well drawn fantasy drama
Secret Webcomic
Fallen Angels Used Books
Anara: Fati Caminus


Virtual World's Red Planet Manuals

Role Playing Games

The GURPS homepage The RPG I play
the GURPSnet Archive
Dungeons & Dragons Home Page The Grand Daddy, I Still Play it Sometimes
Handbooks for Role Playing Games
RPGnet - the Inside Scoop on Gaming
Medieval Technology Pages

Card Games

The INWO homepage A card game I play

Board Games

FWO The Frustrated Wargamers Organization Homepage
Flunky's OGRE Website. A site devoted to Steve Jackson Games OGRE!
Miniatures Pictures
Car Wars


TnT Comics
Big World Comics
Pocket Sandwich Theatre Home of popcorn throwing productions.
RaveMotion Pictures Showtimes
The Science Place
Maze Makershort cut
Jim Loy's Mathematics Page
Mini-Z World
Denton County Sports Associaton Local pistol and .22 range
Quail CreekPublice Shooting Range

Good Music

The Story of Glasnots
Jim Hancock Dot Calm
Gypsy Guerilla Band Home Page
Queen Annes Lace Music
Roguetrip--The Official Website for the Rogues
Jem Moore Homepage
The Official Trout Fishing In America Web Site
Trout Lyrics
October Country
The Corsairs Main Deck
Jonathon Coulton


BSA Online learning Center
Boy Scout Trail
Jamboree on the Air
All about JOTA


Team McRoBont In the builder's database
Robot Marketplace Lots of robot stuff
Adventures in RoboticsGlen has attended. anjoyed, and learned at I and II


My interest is primarily small model rockets


Dars Dallas Area Rocket Society
National Association of Rocketry
NARTS -- NAR Technical Services


rec.models.rockets FAQ Table of Contents


Apogee Rockets. Neat small engines, on-line ordering no problems
AeroTech Web Site Bigger engines
Giant Leap Rocketry Big rockets
Smokin Rockets Large X-15
Estes Lots of simple kits and motors, too.


Other Models Lots of cool stuff, including pointer to vac forming instructions
Stiletto-D Slide-Wing Rocket Glider


Taniwha Flight Computer Home Page
The Amateur Rocketry Links Library - Payload
Magnetic Apogee Sensor Schematic


My interest is primarily R/C Electric Airplanes
See How It Flies--A new spin on the perceptions, procedures, and principles of flight
E-Zone Magazine Lot's of good stuff every month
RCGroups Great discussion lists


The Future is Electric Lots of stuff, including the Ampeer Newsletter
MARCEE MN Area R/C Electric Flight Enthusiasts
Charles River Radio Controllers - Articles & Tips
The Work Bench -- Vacuum Bagging Wings
MonoKote over Super CoveriteTechniques
Applying MonoKote
Twin Star as a seaplane


[Team Ariane] LinksThese guys are either nuts or inspired (or both)


Introduction to R/C Flying
The Electric Flight FAQ


DEAF Dallas Electric Airplane Flyers, I'm a member
North Dallas R/C Club
North Texas Areomodelers
Falcons of Lake Dallas
Academy of Model Aeronautics
Tri-County BarnstormersThey're north of Houston, but I've made it for their B.E.S.T. it's worth it.
Austin Silent Flyers


New Creations R/C Incredibly wonderful people to deal with
Mikes Hobby Shop Superstore He's good, big and local
Garrison Aerodrome R/C Models No longer Sells the Push E Cat--Nigh Indestructrible
Pole Cat Aeroplane Works now sells this great trainer
Unicorn Wings A nice combat wing
Gary Wright Model Products Really nice, reasonably priced wood kits -- Wholesale RC batter packs.
SR Batteries I have their X-250.
West Mountain Radio Computerized Battery analyzer, PWRcrimpRC, BIG APPs.
Micromark The small tool specialists
Microfasteners Reasonably priced screws and stuff
Ron Daniels Kits They aren't easy to build, but they are beautiful and reasonably priced warbirds
esprit model Very nice, but not at all cheap model airplanes.
Modelair-Tech Plans and Kits
RT Models I like the look of that Canadair
Kool Flight Systems Ultimate BEC
Advanced Model Products The current sellers of the ESport10
Flying Foam Custom cut wing cores and EPP wing kits
Feather cut Foam cutting system
Hobby Lobby
Tower Hobbies
Central Hobbies
Altanta Hobby

Astro Flight Inc. High quality electric motors. I love the 112D and109 chargers and I use the 12V supply a bunch. I've some trouble getting the motors to fit in my planes, though they are high quality.
Aveox Brushless Motors
Castle Creations Electronic Speed Controls. I love his stuff.
Mega Brushless Motors I love their 400 sized motors
Jeti Brushless Motors

Cleveland Model & Supply Co., Inc.
R/C Modeler Magazine - The World's Leading Publication For The Radio Control Enthusiast - Store
Fan-Tastic Models Small Electrics
Aerodromoe RC Classic Planes
All E RC
Al's Combat Triangle


Electronic Gadgets for Radio Control


I and a friend were working towards doing a 1:20 scale flight of a B-29and launching a rocket powered X1 from it.
X-1 1:10 scale X1 G or F power
X1 - Fiftieth Anniversary - X Programs Info on all the X planes
NASA Dryden B-29 Mothership Aircraft Photo Gallery
X-1 Photo Gallery
AIR FORCE A nicely detailed Airforce report on the X1 program
Aircraft: Boeing B-29 Superfortress This is the real B-29


The Motley Fool: Foolwatch


The Allergy and Asthma Network / Mothers of Asthmatics Web Site
Asthma Control Home
Canadian Respiratory Journal
GINA DOCUMENTS FAQ: Asthma -- General information
AMA Physician Select Reference Library: Asthma
Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Online

Molar Pregnancy

We had a molar pregancy with all possible complications early in 2001.
Molar Pregnancy -- Ashley Hill, MD
Pregnancy: What is a molar pregnancy?

Analog Semiconductor Companies

Analog Devices I used to work there.
I used to work there
ST Microelectronics
Linear Technology
Texas Instruments
THAT Corporation
MBO Partners (Not a semiconductor company, but I worked through them)


DC-DC Converter Basics
Analgue Design for TeleTubbys
Design & Reuse EDA Tool Catalog

Semiconductor Wafer Foundries

Tanner EDA
SIMUCAD Design Automation
Silicon Canvas
Capilano Computing - DesignWorks Schematic Capture

Yahoo! News Technology Reuters
Yahoo! News Science AP
Molecular Expressions: The Silicon Creatures Gallery (Silicon Zoo)
Circuits & Systems Society, IEEE Dallas Section
Scientific American
Computer and Communication Entry Page
IEC Web ProForums
Alternate Verilog FAQ
The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing
NASA kids
Radio Frequency Chart

Ham Radio

Denton County Amateur Radio Association
G5 page
A Beginner's Guide to Making CW Contacts
Samll Wonder Labs
Elecraft Hands-On Ham Radio
HF QRP Portable
Jamboree on the Air
All about JOTA


PTO Manual of Classification for US patents
United States Patent and Trademark Office


CRC Press LLC Home Page
O'Reilly & Associates
Artech House
McGraw-Hill Catalog
Prentice Hall Reference Catalog
Addison Wesley Computer & Engineering Publishing Group
Opamp Technical Books - Online Catalog
Ellora's Cave Romantica Publishing


Reliability of Web-safe fonts
Web safe fonts


Tcl Language Usage Questions And Answers
Learning Perl/Tk : Graphical User Interfaces with Perl


Macworld Online
MacFixIt (Home Page)


Pair.Net Our current host. Pretty good.
Charter Cable. Our current ISP
Internet America (A Former ISP). Not bad.
Century Telephone


D/FW windcast
Current Weather Addison, TX
Current Weather Denton, TX
Weather Forecast Lake Dallas, TX
Radar Summary Oklahoma City, OK
National Weather Map--4 panel
Q&A: Where do I find past weather information for a specific date?


mclaren home page Our web page
Glen McLaren Page Pictures for the Grandparents
Troop 424, our Boy Scout Troop
Trinity Presbyterian Church, we attend there
Nolo Home Page Legal Stuff
National Security Forum I got to go in 2005. Go ahead, ask me about it.
Preparing to attend Air War College Lots of cool links off this page
Clausewitz Condensed
Bell X-2 My wife is vaguely related to Mel Apt who died flying this plane
Medieval Sourcebook: Introduction
The United States Postal Service, Your Post Office
Traveler's Net (Discounts and Rebates for Online Bookings)
How Stuff Works

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